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The documentation
  Milk replacers and premixes are a subject to the obligatory control of veterinary service over border and over territory of all Ukraine. Proceeding from the Law of Ukraine " About quality and safety of food products and food raw material"", each set is released on the basis of the complete set of documents, such as:
- The expert judgement of laboratory with obligatory radiological
Researches (caesium - 137, strontium - 90);
- The certificate on the conformity, given out by the Center of standardization and metrology, on each imported set (on import products);
- The veterinary certificate the form №2-vet (the given document strict to the reporting entitles to unobstructed moving of a cargo for territory of area, area and all Ukraine, without fail each released set should be accompanied by the given document and It is coordinated with regional Management of veterinary medicine);
- The report of the researches which have been given out on the basis of the expert judgement Laboratories.
For realization of import and export each product passes obligatory registration in the Scientific research institute of veterinary forages and preparations. Which in turn gives out registration certificate on the basis of which it is possible to import those or other kinds of the goods ( milk replacer and premixes) into Ukraine.
At shipment of production following documents are given to you:
- The veterinary certificate the form №2-vet, given out by the permanent member of staff Veterinary medicine (it enables to transport a cargo on Territories of Ukraine but as does not certify about its quality);
- The certificate of quality (only on production made in Ukraine.
The manufacturer has the right to delivery only. Gives a guarantee about safety released production under supervision of veterinary service);
- A copy of the certificate on conformity (exclusively on import Production);
- Accounting documents (invoice; a tax and account waybill).
All other kinds of documents can be shown and stand out copies only by inquiry of the Buyer by way of the Ukraine established by the legislation.
Our work with you is constructed on following principles:
- High  quality of production and competitive prices;
- high degree  of the responsibility of performance partner and contractual
Obligations on a long-term basis;
- 100 % advance payment for the goods;
- The goods in assortment always available in a warehouse;
- A full package of documents;
- Strict observance of delivery dates.

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   Our experts make development and calculation of diets on the professional software. We give to you support of individual diets of feeding and balancing of mixed fodders in view of your forage reserve, a kind of animals and their efficiency.