General characteristic of calf milk replacers
   Calf milk replacer (CMR) "Kalvolac", "Kalvo Start" - is the difficult, fodder mix possessing high nutritional value replacing in calf diet the whole milk. Drinking CMR does not demand additional input in an organism of  animal of preventive substances and vitamins by injections and additions in forages, that reducing, the additional charge of veterinary preparations, cost price of gain of young growth and limiting the charge of whole milk for one calf essentially reduces costs.

   The calf milk replacer "Kalvolac", "Kalvo Start" is produced on the basis of dry cheese and casein whey, and on the biochemical structure is as much as possible approached to whole milk, and under the contents in it of separately taken components (vitamins, microcells, amino acids) surpasses it.

   CMR "Kalvolac", "Kalvo Start" is well balanced on fiber, in it there is  such quantity of  albumin and globulin, that its  structure is nearer to colostrum. In a digestive path of calf  processes of digestion of milk and the milk replacers based on whey proteins essentially differ. Whole milk, which protein contains casein proteins, acting into abomasum, is yearned by lab ferments therefore the so-called cheese clot similar to "brynza" is formed. In this case digestion occurs within 6 hours, calf feels full and does not consume the rough and concentrated forages. "Kalvolac", "Kalvo Start" contains mainly whey proteins which are not causing yearning in abomasum, therefore process of digestion occurs more quickly - for 1,5 hours. It stimulates  calf within additional 4,5 hours (up to following drinking) to eat rough forages that conducts to early development of rumen and to good additional weights. Consumption of  milk replacers also increases volume of rumen, that provides the subsequent increase in a udder and yields of milk, also conducts to reduction of the dairy period up to 3-4 monthly age. An energy source in  milk replacers are lactose and fat. Good digestibility of  fat in "Kalvolac", and "Kalvo Start"   is caused by that it is dried up by spray dried  way and thus parts of fat get the size less than 2 microns. Lactose is well digested by young growth and consequently its content in milk replacers "Kalvolac", and "Kalvo Start" is  always at the certain level.

   Thus, application of milk replacers "Kalvolac", and "Kalvo Start" for calves allows not only to receive an economic profit from sale of additional milk, but also promotes the best growth and calf development  and will help you to grow up healthy young growth with good energy of growth.

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